Q - What are your operating hours

A - Our usual office hours are Monday to Thursday 8.20am to 5.00pm and Friday 8.20am to 4.00pm. However we do have team members available after hours for information regarding pre-booked viewing appointments.

Q - Do I have to view a property before applying for it

A – It is preferable for all prospective tenants to view the property before submitting the rental application. If you are unable to view the property, a representative may view the property on your behalf.

Q - Are individual viewings scheduled

A – Due to the high volumes of enquiries we receive, we generally schedule open viewings, however we provide the fair opportunity for all prospective tenants to view the property and then apply accordingly. Individual viewings can be considered on special request.

Q - What happens if I am unable to attend the scheduled viewing

A – We schedule viewings in accordance to the availability and access granted by current tenants, as well as based on the tenant demand for the applicable property. If you are unable to attend the scheduled viewing, kindly inform the administrator, whose details are on the advert, to keep you informed about future viewings. Please be advised that another viewing will be arranged, pending the outcome of the viewing held, as well as the availability of access to the property.

Q - Does marketing still continue after applications are received at the viewing

A – We continue to market the property until a new tenant is secured. The tenant is secured once the prospective tenant has passed our qualifying process, signed the lease agreement and the deposit amount called for is reflecting in our bank account.

Q - Where do we source application forms

A – Rental application forms are distributed at the property viewing that is scheduled and can also be downloaded from our website (rental application forms).

Q - What is your application process

A – Once the property has been viewed, the rental application needs to be submitted to our offices (electronically or by hand) along with all the requested supporting documents and proof of payment of the processing fee. If all the supporting documents are not attached it will slow down the application process and possibly cease it. Once all documents are in order our team is able to complete the tenant scoring and vetting process, which includes credit checks, affordability checks, previous landlord references, employment references as well as personal reference checks.

Q - How long does the application process take

A – The applications process can take anytime from 3 hours to 72 hours based on whether the application is complete (with all supporting documents) as well as the availability of the references that need to be contacted.

Q - Why is there a non-refundable processing fee

A – The non-refundable processing fee is used for the administration costs related to the processing of the rental application, such as credit reports and telephone calls.

What is the qualifying criteria

A – Our main qualifying criteria is that the combined gross income of the applicant/s equal 3 times what the marketed rental amount, and that the applicant/s have sufficient surplus income to sustain the monthly rental and other committed monthly expenditure and day to day living.

Q - What is tenant scoring

A – The tenant scoring is an internal scoring that forms part of the qualifying criteria of the application process. For example high debt and adverse credit listings will have a negative effect on the tenant scoring, whilst extra savings may increase the tenant score.

Q - What happens if I don’t qualify

A – A guarantor may apply on your behalf if your application is not strong enough or the total income is not sufficient to meet the basic affordability requirements. A guarantor however is required to have a SA barcoded ID for vetting purposes.

Q - What happens if I have adverse credit listings

A – If you have adverse credit listings on your credit profile, various factors will be taken into consideration such as the reason for the listing, the period of the listing, the amount of the listing and whether a commitment has been made to settle the outstanding amount. We will also look at credit behaviour since the amount has been settled. A risk deposit will be required if the application is considered, however the final discretion lies with the landlord.

Q - What happens if I am under debt review

A – We regret that we are unable to enter into a lease agreement if you are under debt review, and therefore will not consider your rent application.

Q - Is my application the only one that will be processed for a property

A – No, it will not be the only application processed. All applications received for the specific property are processed, providing that the application form is complete, all supporting documents are attached and there are already no approved applications for the applicable property.

Q - Who gives the final approval

A – We do our internal vetting and decline or approve the rental applications internally. However internal approved applications are sent the landlord for approval and the final approval is at the discretion of the landlord.

Q - What deposit amount is required

A – We generally request a damages deposit of 1.5 times the rent amount for unfurnished properties and 2 times the rent amount for furnished properties. Additional deposits such as pet deposit, utilities deposit and risk deposit may be requested by the landlord to cover any additional risk. This may vary based on the nature of the property and the outcome of the rental application.

Q - Do I need to make a prior appointment at your office

A - If you wish to discuss your application in detail at our office, it is strongly recommended that you make a prior appointment during our usual operating hours Monday to Friday with the relevant applications administrator to ensure timeous service.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices